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January 2016

DAN: I, on the behalf of our congregation, would like to thank you and the Nashville/Knoxville Steinway company for your contribution for the betterment of our music ministry.  We appreciate your hard work and understand the amount of effort involved.  Our church has met the targets set by our committees and your willingness to work, even on off days, has helped us to achieve these.  I believe that your sincere hard work and respect towards your job will continue and will bring prosperity to others. I remember vividly praying over the telephone with Mr. Metcalfe sometime before we ever dared hope that we could own a Steinway piano.  He is truly a man of faith and God has shown favor on us through that faith.  You and your team helped us experience a miracle when we bought a Steinway piano and we get to experience miraculously inspired music every Sunday.  You take care of your customers after the purchase and establish a relationship. Yours is more than a place of business and your pianos are more than music.  Our piano is a many faceted precious jewel that is a blessing and a privilege to treasure.


August 2015
To the Craftsmen at Steinway:
I am a retired surgeon and a lifelong pianist.
I recently traded Yamaha C7 grand for a Steinway B. The Yamaha was
a excellent piano, clearly the best Japanese piano, although over seven
years perhaps a dozen strings broke. To me however I would say that I
have been stunned by the beauty of the sound of the Steinway-
breathtaking! There is no comparison to my ear between these two pianos.
When this Steinway is played softly, almost inaudibly it’s hypnotizing,
it’s magical!
Hats off to the magicians who crafted this one-of-a-kind instrument!
As a final note I would add that Bill Metcalfe and Dan Crass of
Nashville Steinway could not have been more honest and professional in
this process. I’ve never written an endorsement for a product before,
never so motivated.
Dr. B

May 2015
I want to let you all know how much I appreciate what Chris Clasgens did to help my wife have a wonderful Christmas! We live in a society where we are used to receiving “poor” service. Chris’s effort to get my wife the piano that she dreamed of…with a very little time window truly shows his dedication to his company as well as his customers. As a business owner I understand how difficult it is to find someone who cares as much about his customers as Chris! If you are the owner of Steinway in Nashville…Pay him more! If you are a potential customer, only ask for Chris Clasgens if you are looking for a piano!


May 2014
Very knowledgeable staff. Great place to get your instrument. I can’t wait to start playing again!!!! I’m a very happy girl!!
Paula B.

May 2014
I am very happy to be the proud owner of a new Ebony Sterling Steinway A thanks to the professional staff at the Steinway Piano Gallery, Nashville, TN. From my very first phone call and subsequent visits to the Steinway Gallery I have been impressed with the very knowledgeable, courteous and accommodating responses I have received from Representative Dan Crass, owner Bill Metcalfe and fellow associates.
My first impression when walking into the Steinway Gallery was one of warmth and friendliness. Dan made me feel welcomed and at home and the inventory of beautiful Steinway and Steinway brand pianos exceeded my expectations. It was a joy to play several pianos, and have the opportunity to learn and discover the distinct personalities each had to offer.
During my final selection process Dan Crass worked closely with me via phone and text communications to answer questions and concerns. With time, I had filtered my choices to a few select Steinway instruments. It was at this point that Dan exceeded expectations by making arrangements for the Gallery’s professional technicians to meticulously prepare the pianos for comparable review. Because exceptional attention to my personal preferences and needs was given, the final choice was easy. A beautiful Sterling Ebony A was delivered to my home 2½ hours away in 1st professional movers. This Ebony beauty now sits in a lovely place in my home. The sound of this instrument is incredible. It “sings” in true Steinway fashion and is destined to provide a lifetime of joy.
It is evident that total customer satisfaction is paramount at the Steinway Piano Gallery, Nashville, TN. I have continued to receive outstanding professional service from Dan even after the sale with fine attention to initial tunings and proper care of the instrument.
It is the Gallery’s philosophy that once a customer one becomes more than a customer. One becomes a part of a very special family – “The Steinway Family” – a family with a proud heritage and lasting legacy. Class fashion with Dan personally accompanying the Gallery’s
Thank You Dan, and the Steinway Piano Gallery of Nashville!

February 2014
We at the Doyle Church of The Nazarene, just love our new to us piano. We called your Gallery on the first of January 2014, after hearing an ad on “Super Talk WNT 99.7 FM Radio”. We talked to Mr. Dan Crass and he helped us get a wonderful great sounding used piano. Dan helped us pick out an Oak Baldwin Hamilton Piano that not only matched the decor of our small Church, but the sound was unbelievably good. Thank You So Much.

October 2013
While I expected that having a piano in our home would be wonderful, I never imagined that the process of looking, deciding and purchasing could also be such an incredibly positive experience… But that was before I walked in the front door at Steinway of Nashville.

From the moment I walked in for the first time all the way through the delivery and fantastic follow-up from my piano purchase, Chris Clasgens and the entire team have been phenomenal! Chris took great time and attention in understanding my goals of our family piano and went above and beyond to help me find that special one and bring it into our home and family. A thousand thank-you’s… Nashville is so very fortunate to have such a great store and amazing team of folks like Chris!
Emily A.

September 2013
In the past three years I have purchased 2 grand pianos at Steinway in Nashville; one for the church and one for my home. Dan Crass helped me with each purchase. He was very professional and knowledgeable when he explained the different brands of pianos. When I decided to purchase the second piano, I asked for Dan because of my previous experience. He answered our questions but let us take our time to play the pianos and have private time to talk with family members. He took care of the delivery and called as a follow0up to make sure everything was satisfactory. I appreciated Dan in ever aspect of the sale. I am very proud of my new Boston piano in my home and appreciate all that Steinway has done through your representative Dan Crass.
Faye M.

March 2013
What a blessing to have such wonderful people at Steinway. Thank you so much to Dan Crass. Dann was very informative, helpful and patient with me as I decided on what I wanted and was able to spend on a new piano. I went with a new Essex and couldn’t be happier.
Thanks again Dan for the wonderful service and Blessings to you!!

February 2013
We cannot brag highly enough on the delivery crew. They were the most efficient, pleasant and professional movers we have ever dealt with. You are so fortunate to have them as ambassadors for your company.

Steve G.

January 2013
We had a pleasant experience with a recent purchase from Steinway in Nashville. Dan helped me with deciding which model I needed and I have enjoyed playing again after many years.

January 2013
I just wanted to tell you what a great experience I had with The Steinway Gallery yesterday when your movers took care of my piano. They were timely, efficient and professional. I didn’t have to worry about a thing. I would definitely use you again, and would highly recommend you to someone.

Thanks again!

October 2012
Last week our piano arrived! We all have loved playing it & we love the way it looks & sounds in our home. Thank you, Mr. Crass, for helping us find the right piano for our family. We really appreciate the time you took to answer our questions as well as your patience as we talked through our decision. We also really appreciate you coming along with the delivery as well as following up with a phone call. We felt you really cared about us as your clients. Thank you & God bless!


May 2012
I want to thank Dan for his hard work and patience in the 3 year quest to find me a good affordable piano. He kept in touch and encouraged me to come out to the Gallery to try out pianos, but never pressured me. I was very impressed by the Bostons, but they cost more than I wanted to spend, so when Steinway started selling Seiler pianos at a very reasonable price, Dan phoned me immediately. I tried the Seiler and wasn’t too happy with how it sounded. Dan had the technician work on it, and the result was great. Dan found somebody to play it for me so I could listen properly, and then I had my children’s piano teacher play it also. Thank you Dan for your hard work and patience. I greatly appreciate that you came with the delivery crew to make sure everything was fine. The children are very excited to be playing on a real piano at last. They love the feel and sound of it.

April 2012

March 2012

My beautiful, brand new Boston GC 178 arrived today!!  Dan, Mike and Nick were amazing.  They brought my piano in and set it up in my living room without a scratch, dent or hitch of any kind.  I played it all day!  I did find one very minor adjustment that needed to be made.  I called Dan on Saturday morning and within 10 minutes, I had a call from their expert piano tech, Joel Asher.  He made the appointment, arrived exactly on time and made the adjustment.  I could not be happier with my piano!!  The instrument is phenomenal, the entire sales and delivery experience was excellent and the service is the absolute best!  Thank you, Dan and your whole staff for helping me to choose exactly the right piano and for making the whole purchase and delivery a once in a life-time, magical experience!

Thank you so much!!
Be blessed!

January 2012

Mike Reid at the Franklin Theatre Live

Brandon, We cannot begin to thank you enough! Mike was completely thrilled. The piano was incredible…wish you could have heard it. Thought you might like to see these pictures. Thanks again, AMY

Mike Reid at the Franklin Theatre Live

August 2011
Our experience with Steinway Piano Gallery of Nashville has been wonderful. I am blessed to be a part of the team from First Baptist Church, Madisonville, KY that visited the gallery. Our new sanctuary piano was expertly delivered on Thursday. Thanks to Kevin and Mike for their professional care, and a BIG thanks to Chris for his knowledge, kindness, and making this a lifelong memorable experience. Our new Model B Steinway will be cherished for generations. Praise and Glory to God!

August, 2011
“Dan. Thank you so very much for all of the help you gave us regarding the purchase of our piano. As we investigated various piano brands and models, you answered all our questions and provided much valuable information accumulated from your many years of experience in the piano business. YOu were always available, and you promptly returned our phone calls.
There were a number of other things we appreciated about your service: your fine attention to details in taking our order and your follow through to see that when our piano arrived, it was just what we wanted; your follow through to see that our pianos was properly serviced, prepared, and tuned before delivery; you riding in the truck all the way to Murfreesboro when your piano was delivered, making sure that our piano was handled properly and set up just where we wanted it; and your telephone calls to us in the weeks following delivery to make sure that we were satisfied with our piano and the way it was performing.
We are thrilled with our piano, and are enjoying it immensely every day. We certainly enjoyed doing business with you and the fine company that you represent, the Steinway Piano Gallery of Nashville.
Sincerely, Mr. and Mrs. Z.

July 2011

“Chris, I cannot begin to adequately express my appreciation for all that you have done for my children and me. The children were so excited when the piano arrived and when they played their recital pieces – for the first time in over 8 weeks- and didn’t skip a key….again the emotion was too much for me and I cried like a baby! I feel blessed to have meet you…God has a way of making things right if we are patient; events are on His timeline, not ours. I believe our meeting was not by chance, and I thank God for that meeting. You will be rewarded by Him for your actions in helping me during my time of need…Thanks again for all that you have done. We are so appreciate of you and wish you well.”


July 2011
“My experience with Steinway Nashville was excellent. In particular, we were very impressed with Dan Crass, our sales consultant. He took the time to really understand exactly what we were looking for and didn’t try to pressure us into a purchase that wasn’t right for our family. It took several months to find, but I got the call from Dan one afternoon expressing his optimism that he had found the piano I had been looking for. He was right! After a thorough check by a piano technician, we made the purchase. The crew that delivered our new purchase took excellent care of the piano and was very patient as we tried to determine the perfect placement in our home. Years later Dan continues to stay in touch with me just to make sure that I’m still completely satisfied with our piano. Steinway Nashville has earned our confidence and our business. I would highly recommend them to anyone in the market for a new instrument.”


Jason P

July 2011
“Dan, My son Brian started piano study at the age of five. We had a wonderful teacher who instilled in him a love for music from the very beginning. He practiced every day and gradually became quite good. Every year, we entered him for NAMTA auditions and he would usually get a superior rating but never won any competitions. In the last couple of years, he was given more advanced pieces of composers such as Chopin and Debussy. It was then that I became aware of his difficulties in bringing out appropriate tones and distinguish nuances necessary for the performance of these pieces. We had a baby grand Kawai then, it suddenly sounded inadequate. Therefore we started to look at other pianos. We were lucky to find Mr. Dan Crass at the Steinway Piano Gallery who has just been wonderful. Dan has been in the music business for many years and knows so much about pianos and music. He listened to Brian’s playing and then showed us different models. He explained which models would be more appropriate for us. Eventually we picked a Steinway model O. Brian was so excited when Dan personally delivered the piano to our house in 100F degree heat! He even sent us flowers that day! We felt so very very special. Dan has been involved ever since. He reminded me of the tuning whenever it is due and came to Brian’s recitals often.


Brian has since won the Young Artist Achievement Award, the State Competition for Grade Five Piano (one of the competition pieces was a difficult Chopin Waltz) in June 2011, and we just heard that he won the Myra Jackson Junior Scholarship at Blair School of Music which pays his full tuition to study piano there. I know he loves music and he works hard, but I also know that the beautiful Steinway definitely has had something to do with it, and so has Dan.

So here is a heart-felt thank you to Dan, our good friend who is like family to us; and also to the whole Steinway family!


June 2011
“I’m sure some people know exactly what they want when they look for a new piano, but I wasn’t one of them. Dan helped me explore the Steinway Gallery’s options across a wide range of price-points and styles, and gave me the room I needed to figure out what was important to me, at my own pace. It was a great consumer experience, and my family has been very happy with the result.  Thanks Dan!”
Peter H


May 2011
Working with the American Piano Gallery to help the Pellissippi State Community College to be the first community college in Tennessee that obtained the status of an All-Steinway School has been an honor and privilege. Everyone at the Gallery worked with me and our music program coordinator to put together the best plan possible for accomplishing our goals for the pianos and we wanted to accomplish with the pianos. The faculty in the music department will see me now and just say, “Wow, thanks.” The Pellissippi State Foundation staff enjoyed working on this campaign to secure the 13 Steinway pianos that we now have on our campuses.
Peggy M. Wilson
Vice President of College and
Executive Director of the Foundation
Pellissippi State Community College
Knoxville, Tennessee


May 2011
“Brandon, This is just a note of thanks for all the help that you have been to me and to Carson-Newman as we move toward the All Steinway Program. Your willingness to provide information and advice without pressure has been absolutely great, and I cannot say enough about the selection process for our new Steinway B.
The excellence of Steinway and your quality service made the whole experience very enjoyable. We look forward to an ongoing relationship.”
Donald Clark Measels
Dean, School of Fine Arts
Chair, Department of Music
Carson-Newman College
P. O. Box 72048
Jefferson City, TN 37760
865.471.3480 Office

May 2011
“Dear Bill, Jan, Brandon and Mirandi. Thank you so very much for the beautiful award, which will have an honored place in our home. The twenty years associated with the Steinway Society and the Metcalfe-Herrenbruck family has been a great joy to Ted and me!
Marilyn (President of Steinway Society)


May 2011
“I wanted to drop you a note to tell you how much I love the piano I purchased from you. It is truly an enjoyable addition to our home. I also wanted to thank Dan for his expertise in the process. He was wonderful.”
Beth N.

April 2011
“Dear Dan, Last night was a sight to behold! The children came for lessons just bubbling over. What a great and wonderful thing has happened through the astounding generosity of Steinway and headed by you! You have affected the life of this family FOREVER!
Marilyn T

April 2011
“This letter is an acknowledgement of the superior job Mike and Kevin did this past week in moving my Steinway piano from an upstairs apartment! They looked over the situation and determined the best way to get the job done. You told me that you through I would be pleased with the job that they would do. I was VERY pleased! They did an OUTSTANDING job getting my new Steinway down the stairs. The piano has an ebony finish and not a scratch was made! They did a superior job. Thank you for sending such capable men. I’m so thankful you have your own moving crew!”
Helen B.

April 2011
“Bill. thank you SO much for your generosity with regards to my student’s family. A most extraordinary turn of events has made this all happen! Even more extraordinary was the sweet thoughts of your grandson. My student plays almost 24/7! he loves the piano. He LOVES practicing. You have done something for this family that will affect them forever. It will be great to watch these children develop! I so enjoy being in your store and feeling of the wonderful caring atmosphere of every one there!
Warmest Regards,
Marilyn T.


March 2011
“Thank you Mr. Herrenbruck for the wonderful support you and Steinway do for all young musicians in the community!”
Carolyn C.

March 2011
“Mr Herrenbruck. Thank you so much for the presentation of the award! I loved playing the Steinway at the Knoxville Choral Society concert and I also enjoy playing at American Piano Gallery! As your recommended, I visited Steinway Hall. It was absolutely gorgeous! I practiced in the Theodore Steinway room for an hour and I am returning tomorrow morning to spend quality time with the pianos! I enjoyed the Steinway at Carnegie Hall! Thank you so much for all you do to support young musicians, and thanks for making this trip such a blast!
Carolyn C.


Feb 2011
“Thank you so much for your participation in our recent state conference. The entertainment was a treat and greatly enjoyed. We support all you do for us!”
Deborah, G

Jan 2011
“Dear Joel. You good folks will never know how much joy your beautiful Steinway brought to Columbia and Middle Tennessee during the holidays. You have a really professional group of associates; it is an honor to know you and Mr. Metcalfe.”
Tim P.

Jan 2011
“Bill, Thank you again for your sponsorship of NPAC. We are so glad that you and Dan were at the concert. The crowning glory of the evening was the magnificent Steinway on the stage!”
Marilyn T

Jan 2011

“Let me tell you about my piano buying experience at Steinway Piano Gallery of Nashville:

I had only made one visit to the gallery about a year ago. When I arrived I was greeted by Chris Clasgens. I explained to him my intentions to purchase a grand piano and he went to work. We discussed budget and what I was looking for in tone, action and sound in general. Chris knew exactly what I wanted and after answering a few questions and showing me the differences in the length, I knew exactly which piano would the perfect choice. When I left that day I knew.
Fast forward to December 2011……I made an appointment with Chris for 10:00 o’clock and I arrived 30 minutes early. When I went to the door they had not opened yet but I was met by Bill Metcalfe, President/CEO. He asked if he could help me and I told him I was there to by a piano. He said he would have someone help me look around and I stated again that I was here to buy a piano. I explained my appointment with Chris and he said that would be no problem. He called Chris at home and Chris was there in 10 minutes. Within an hour I had finalized the deal, written the check and was the owner of a 6’1” Ebony Kohler and Campbell Grand Piano.

Chris Clasgens is professional, knowledgeable and one of the friendliest representatives I have ever dealt with. If you need a piano this the place to go.”

Kevin S.

Dec 2010
“Thank you for helping us make our decision on a new grand piano from Steinway Piano Gallery. As a salesman, manager, and business owner, I am very appreciative of your professionalism and overall presentation and product knowledge. Dan was very helpful in giving us direction, and Mr. Metcalfe was very positive in letting us know our satisfaction was his true goal. The delivery and installation was flawless. Our Holiday party was a great success with Debbi playing and all of us singing carols. GREAT JOB DAN!!”
Thanks again,
Deb and David

Dec 2010
“Dear Dan. We want to thank you for the experience of buying a Steinway. It has been an honor and a privilege getting to know you through this process that you helped make so easy! Thank you for helping us both makes our dreams a reality!”
Best Wishes
S. & D.

Nov 2010
“Brandon, Thank you so much for the wonderful opportunities you provide at Steinway Piano Gallery. As a mother, I am always watching for worthwhile opportunities for our family. We have truly been delighted with every event we have participated in at Steinway! Thanks again for opening your beautiful gallery to my family of budding pianists!”
God Bless,
Shannon P.

Oct 2010
“Brandon, thanks for sending me a copy of “Piano.” I really appreciate your thoughtfulness in going out of yoru way to thave the author sign this copy and then send it to me. I look forward to reading it.
Very Best Wishes,
Sen. Lamar Alexander.
PS. I love Steinway pianos…I have 3 or them!


Sept 2010
“Dear Joel. Thank you thank you thank you for selling my daughter that beautiful used piano. It is exquisite in her home and we both love it. You are the perfect salesman….informed, caring, and not pushy!”
Thanks again,
Linda S.

May 2010
“Dear Bill, As guild begins for my center, THANKS again for helping. Your generosity to me and the teachers is amazing!”
Best Wishes
Marilyn T


May 2010
“Dear Dan and Brandon. Your explanation and demonstration of the inside working parts of a piano gave us an enormous amount of useful information. We are deeply grateful for your willingness to come to our Piano Week!”
Anne G.

April 2010

Dear Mr. Metcalfe & Mr. Herrenbruck.
“We really enjoyed the opportunity to be a part of the “Healing Hands” concert. It was a wonderful evening and we are very lucky to have everyone at the Steinway Piano Gallery as partners and friends. Your magnanimity is welcomed and appreciated by everyone at WO Smith. On behalf of our Board of Directors, thank you again for your support of our school. We are grateful for your help.
Jonah R.

March 2010
“Dan, I wish to thank you again for your time spent with me on Friday. You were so very kind. Thank you again for working with me. I will be sure to tell everyone where I purchased my Steinway and give them your name!”
Joanne H.

March 2010
“Bill, thank you so much for your wonderful staff and the pleasure of using one of your great Steinways. I do hope I did not over stay my welcome! It’s so easy to play for hours on your pianos. Walking into your showroom was like being in Steinway heaven! As a traveling Steinway artist it sure is nice to have a place to call home while in Nashville.”
Roy M.

Feb 2010
“I wanted to tell you how much I was impressed with Mike and Kevin. They immediately made me feel completely at ease, and I felt confident that my piano was in good hands. They were courteous, respectful, very efficient; while at the same time, conversational and kind-spirited. I had no doubt my piano would arrive in Nashville safe and sound! To often people complain and too little offer praise for a job well done. Your guys deserve the highest praise and my gratitude for a job well done.”
Karla L.

Jan 2010
“Hi Chris, I want you to know that I am one happy man. I love this Steinway. Now if I can only learn to do it justice. Thanks for your help and especially for making me completely happy.

PS: the folks who delivered it really did a nice job. They were extremely friendly (especially after driving nearly 10 hours straight) and refused to be satisfied until I was satisfied.

Dominic L.

Nov 2009
“A note of thanks to you for your excellent customer service. I worked with Kristin to schedule the delivery of my new Steinway Boston piano. We love it. From our salesman Chris to the deliverymen, your company did an amazing job of assisting us in the selection of our new piano.”
Brenda M

Sept 2009
“Dear Chris, The weekend was wonderful….the piano looks great and sounds wonderful! Thank-you so much for your gracious service. We appreciate you and your kindness….”

Very sincerely,
Bill & Betty W.

Aug 2009
I purchased a Steinway from this company. Mr. Dan Crass and his associates were very helpful in assisting me to bring this beautiful piano into my restaurant in Smyrna,TN. It has made a world of difference for my guests–to dine while enjoying the wonderful sounds of this instrument. It has added to my business and I appreciate Dan for all his help. You can’t go wrong with their Steinways. Customer satisfaction 100%!
Chef Raz


July 2009
“Joel: Thank you so much for ALL of your help and expertise in the piano choices. We so much enjoyed our experiences while at Steinway. Josh enjoyed so doing business with you. We hope you have an amazing summer!”
Josh & Angie


May 2009
“I wanted to say thank you for the assistance in the selection of our new piano for our sanctuary. Our pianist felt like she had died and gone to heaven! The hardest decision was truly the landing on the right one for us. Your staff is so helpful and we really appreciated the work you did with our pianist and committee. You made it such an easy process!”
Pastor Mike M.

Feb 2009
“Mr Herrenbruck. Thank you again for the wonderful opportunity of the Fun Piano Competition and to have a Steinway in our home for a month! It was played well over fifty hours by eighteen different people. It helped me to prepare for the piano competitions. Whoever thought that wearing a fruit basket on my head would lead to such great memories!”
Hannah H.

Jan 2009
“Dear Bill. In your wildest dreams you could never imaged what this piano means to me. I don’t even have the words to say a proper ‘thank you.’ You are such a wonderful friend to me. I’ll never quit being grateful for your kindness.”
With great affection,

Dec 2008
“It is with deep gratitude and heartfelt appreciation that I thank you Joel Lewis and the Steinway people for providing Martin Methodist College with the highest quality of pianos available…thank you for your support and expertise when we were at the factory. The Steinway factory is an amazing example of the best craftsmanship available in the world. We were astounded at the perfection with which the employees made the various intricate parts. It has been delightful to work with you Joel. Your great knowledge of all aspects of our buying, selecting and maintaining the twelve pianos is much appreciated. You represent Steinway Piano Gallery of Nashville exceptionally well with the highest standards of excellence. We felt very confident with your knowledge as this was an important transaction.”
Most Sincerely,
Harriet N.

Oct 2008
“Dear Chris – I wanted to thank you on behalf of my family for your professionalism and knowledge. We relied on you heavily when researching pianos, and we are very pleased with our purchase!”

Mrs. Robert W.

Aug 2008
“A huge & sincere thanks to you for not only working with me on my piano purchase but calling me back yesterday to tell me there was a second piano like the first that I might like. They delivered it last night as scheduled and I sit here with excitement and admiration of it in my family room. To say it looks and sounds marvelous is an understatement! It simply belongs in this room! The case is gorgeous and the wood grain has more beautiful highlights than the other. I’m so thrilled with this addition to my room as I know my daughter will be. Thanks again so very much for the big part you played in putting a piano and me together. You’re a kind person and a pleasure to deal with. It was a blessing to do business with you and please be sure that I really appreciate it.”

Blessings and gratitude,

Feb 2008
“Dear Brandon, It was a delight meeting you today on the pleasant occasion of our receiving our new Steinway piano for the Department of Music at Tennessee Tech. I am pleased that you gave yoru personal attention to the installation of this very fine instrument. Our faculty and students will experience many years of enjoyment and use from this quality piano. Also, I would like to thank you for the Steinway coffee cup which will quickly become a favorite and cherished keepsake. Thank you for assisting with this important event, and we are pleased that we were able to participate with your firm in this important purchase.”
Dr. Larry P.

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