Secrets of Steinway Seminar 7/9 at 7pm

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Rim Bend

The Steinway Seminar Series
comes to Nashville!
Steinway pianos are considered the piano by which all others are judged by the world over, but have you ever wondered what makes them the best?
Steinway Piano Gallery is proud to host a Steinway Representative from The Factory as he presents the many Secrets of Steinway.
The Secrets of Steinway
July 9th at 7pm

This informative seminar will include information about the most important patents all the way down to the most intriguing nuances that go into the making of a Steinway.
We will explain how Steinway invented the modern grand piano and how, even though many companies have tried to copy Steinway’s techniques, no one has succeeded in duplicating the Steinway sound.
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