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85th Anniversary Celebration Events!

We’re Celebrating 85 years in business!
Steinway Piano Gallery (American Keyboard Galleries) is celebrating 85 years in business with 25 years here in Nashville!
You are cordially invited to celebrate with us!
Details for our anniversary concert and special events are below.
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Brandon Herrenbruck
VP of Sales and Marketing


President of Steinway & Sons 
Mr. Ron Losby and
Nashville Mayor Karl Dean will join in celebrating with us a delightful concert to be given by world-renowned Steinway Artist, Dr. William DeVan.
The concert begins at 7pm.
Seating is limited.
Thursday Sept 25 at 7pm
Steinway Piano Gallery

4285 Sidco Dr.Nashville, TN 37204

Piano Teacher Workshop – 9/26 at 10am

Dr. William DeVan will do a FREE workshop for teachers entitled
“From Studio to Stage- How to Prepare for a Public Performance.”


Classics for Children – 9/27 at 10am

Bring your whole family to enjoy a special concert just for kids!
Dr. DeVan will perform several great works in piano literature, plus give a brief explanation to familiarize the audience with the composition.  You’ll hear the great tonal variety and responsive nature of the Steinway piano and how it meets the rigorous demands of the world’s finest pianists!
A Q&A with the artist and meet-n-greet will follow!
There is no charge for this event: RSVP is requested.
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Since 1929, we have offered the very BEST pianos in EVERY price range. As a result, we sell more pianos than anyone else in Nashville!

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Black Satin Steinway Savings

Black Satin piano sale


Now through February 26, Steinway Piano Gallery of Nashville will offer substantial savings on all new, used, and factory restored Steinway, Boston, Essex upright and grand pianos with ebony satin finish.
The timeless black satin piano hits all the right notes for romance!

Call 615-373-5901 to speak to a representative for me details!

email: to ask questions

Franz Mohr is BACK! 1/14-1/15

Franz Mohr is back in Nashville!

WHEN/WHERE: Saturday January 14th at Steinway Piano Gallery of Nashville.

WHEN/WHERE: Sunday January 15th at the BELCOURT THEATRE


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We’re Excited to have Franz Mohr Back in Nashville!
Franz Mohr BIO
Franz Mohr has been chief concert technician for piano maker Steinway & Sons for more than a quarter century. As the close colleague of legendary musicians such as Vladmir Horowitz, Arthur Rubinstein, Glenn Gould, Rudolf Serkin, and many others, Franz Mohr has attended to their instruments, making delicate adjustments, that affect tone, balance, and other characteristics of sound. It is Mohr who enables virtuosos to fully realize their own individual interpretative styles and concepts of tonal color. Says Mohr himself: “I play more at Carnegie Hall than anybody else, but I have no audience.”
  • Saturday January 14th from 10am-6pm: If you’ve ever wanted help in selecting your new piano…this is the opportunity of a life time!! Franz Mohr has agreed to help our customers select their new piano. There is VERY LIMITED availability for appointments so you need to make your appointment ASAP. Franz will work with you for an hour in the selection of your piano. He can evaluate and make recommendations as well as let you know what kind of voicing and regulating that can be done to make it exactly like you want it! This is truly an amazing opportunity. Call your sales representative now! Or call 615-373-5901 and speak with a representative to book an appointment now!
  • Saturday January 14th at 7pm: Come to Steinway Piano Gallery of Nashville Franz Mohr will be doing a talk about his life touring with some of the most famous pianists. Come and hear the stories. You will have an opportunity meet Franz and purchase his book and he will be happy to autograph it for you!
  • Sunday January 15th at 7pm at the Belcourt TheatreThe Belcourt Theatre is showing the movie PIANOMANIA at 7pm.  Pianomania takes you into the secret world of sounds – a place where passion and the pursuit of perfection collide with artistic obsession and a little bit of madness. As Steinway & Sons’ chief technician and Master Tuner in Vienna, Stefan Knüpfer is dedicated to the unusual task of pairing world-class instruments with world-famous pianists. Juggling the demands of the pianist, the piano, and the piece to find the perfect match requires boundless enthusiasm, but also endless patience and nerves of steel. No detail is too small or too inconsequential for Knüpfer, not even the tiniest speck of dust on a piano string. Pianomania is a humorous and surprisingly suspenseful peek into the heated clash of wills between a genius craftsman and the renowned pianists who rely on his talent – including Lang Lang, Alfred Brendel, Rudolf Buchbinder and Pierre-Laurent Aimand – as they search together for that elusive perfect tone. Franz Mohr will be doing a talk and taking questions about what it’s like to be one of the greatest piano technicians in the world! Come see and hear what it’s like to see the piano through the eyes of the best technicians in the world! For more information and to get tickets call the Belcourt Theatre Box Office at (615) 383-9140.

Christmas Sale!



From Now until 12/31/11, Steinway Piano Gallery of Nashville will have special incentives on floor models that need to be liquidated before the end of 2011. By making your purchasing decision now you can save THOUSANDS on new, used, demo pianos, school loaners, rental & discontinued pianos. We have special manufacturer pricing and special financing terms!

We have amazing savings and rebates on all new pianos as well as player pianos. We are the industry leader in player piano technology! Come and see how YOUR SMART PHONE can play a piano!! Not only can YOUR phone play a piano but any of YOUR web enabled devices can (iPad, laptop, iPhone, Android, etc)!!

Free IPAD with new grand!

Free Ipad with every new grand piano

Limited Edition John Lennon “Imagine” Piano

Lennon Imagine Piano 300To commemorate the 70th birthday of a true creative genius-legendary musician and songwriter JohnLennon-Steinway & Sons is proud to introduce the Image Series Limited Edition piano. Steinway Piano Gallery of Nashville is one of the very few dealerships world-wide that will receive one of these historic pianos to sell. They are going to be made in very limited numbers and if you want to know more about this piano you should contact Brandon Herrenbruck at 615-373-5901 to find out more information.

Like the songs of John Lennon, the Imagine Series is the perfect harmonization of music with creativity to achieve an end result that is much greater than the sum of its parts. The Imagine Series Limited Edition is modeled after the white Steinway grand piano that John presented to Yoko Ono on her birthday in 1971. Each piano incorporates John’s signature, music and a medallion indicating its uniqueness.

Four Different Limited Edition Series

4 John Lennon Designs

The music desk of each piano incorporates one of four different John Lennon original drawings. Come Together, the title of the opening track on the Beatles’ historic album, “Abbey Road,” reflects John Lennon’s desire to bring people together. Grand Piano is a drawing that captures the songwriting process—as musician and piano become one. Freda People exemplifies John Lennon’s passion for using music for the benefit of mankind. Self Portrait is perhaps John Lennon’s most famous drawing—as just a few marks on the page and it’s unmistakably John.

Unique Features of the Imagine Series Limited Edition Piano

Rim Lyrics - Lennon Imagine Piano 100Imagine Lyrics – A portion of the lyrics that changed the world grace the bass side of the inner rim, in clear view when the piano lid is open.

Plate Music - Lennon Imagine Piano 100Imagine Sheet Music – Adorning the cast-iron plate, in the “belly” of the piano where this melody can come to life, are the opening bars to “Imagine.”

Medallion - Lennon Imagine Piano 100Imagine Series Medallion – Each Imagine Series piano is a unique work of art, with a medallion including John Lennon’s Japanese signature as well as the series name and number.

Fallboard Signature Closeup - Lennon Imagine Piano 100John Lennon Signature – Gracing the treble side of the fallboard, John Lennon’s signature can inspire you to Imagine the possibilities—both in music and in life.

Imagine Owning a Part of Music History

Steinway Piano Gallery of Nashville is one of the very few dealerships world-wide that will receive one of these. They are going to be made in very limited quantities world wide. If you want to know more about this piece of history please call Brandon Herrenbruck at 615-373-5901 to find out more information.

Soundboard Logo - Lennon Imagine Piano 300Custom built at our Steinway & Sons New York and Hamburg factories, the Imagine Series is available in the following Steinway & Sons grand piano sizes:

Model M: 5’7” (170 cm)
Model O: 5’10¾” (180 cm)
Model A: 6’2” (188 cm)
Model B: 6’10½” (211 cm)
Model D: 8’11¾” (274 cm)

It is available in four music desk design styles/series.

An Extremely Rare Opportunity

An Extremely Rare Opportunity to Acquire a one of a kind Steinway Crown Jewel

An Extremely Rare Opportunity to Acquire a one of a kind Steinway Crown Jewel